Perfect for Cleaning, Lubricating, Protecting,
and Preserving Your Guns and Equipment

All About Ballistol Lube & Black Powder
Ballistol Spray Can Ballistol has been around in Europe for over three generations. Originally invented for military use, it became a household word in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Millions of users have experimented with Ballistol and found new surprising applications for it.

A problem with many gun oils is that they are not good cleaners. The gun owner has to use a cleaner first, then a lubricant. There is no guarantee that the lube is a good corrosion inhibitor. Ballistol fulfills all three functions: It cleans! It lubricates! It protects against corrosion! And it is environmentally safe!


Ballistol has the capability to dissolve traces of copper, zinc, tombac and lead. It can actively eliminate residues of these metals from the chambers and bores of firearms. Ballistol dissolves the inorganic residues from black powder in black powder guns. It also neutralizes the acidic residues from black powder and hand sweat.


Ballistol lubricates not only better but lasts longer than other products. Most lubricants thicken, becomes sticky, gluey and finally turn into a hard resinous substance (resinification). By contrast, Ballistol contains a combination of anti-oxidants and medical oils, which together make it much less susceptible to resinification. Ballistol is the only gun oil which does not lose its capability to lubricate in the presence of water.



Ballistol is mildly alkaline, therefore it is capable of neutralizing mild acids and acidic residues such as hand sweat or black powder residue (which is acidic). Due to its low surface tension Ballistol creeps and penetrates to inaccessible areas. Ballistol neutralizes bluing salts and flux bleeding out around solder seams.

Wood and Leather

Ballistol was designed to protect even untreated gun stocks against humidity, insects and fungus and to be compatible with all sorts of paints and varnishes, even those on most antique guns.* Ballistol and the tannic acid residues in leather form a salt called tannate and water. The water evaporates, the tannate remains in the leather making it water impermeable and protecting it against destruction through fungus , bacteria and insects.


Ballistol is biodegradable. Neither its use nor its disposal will pollute air or water. Its natural decomposition will not produce any by-products that may be harmful to the environment. The aerosol does not contain CFC's as propellant, but butane and pressurized air. Ballistol allows you to protect, clean, preserve, lubricate, impregnate and disinfect your equipment without contaminating the environment.


In addition to being a uniquely capable gun oil, Ballistol can be used for many other purposes. To name a few; as an octane booster and top engine oil in combustion engines; for the winterization of motors; as a polish for car paint when added to rinse water or to beautify faded gel coats of old fiberglass boats. Ballistol maintains and cleans plastic dash boards and vinyl seat covers. It eliminates oil and rubber stains in carpets. Use it on tight or squeaky hinges, door locks, padlocks, in the maintenance of garden tools, lawn mowers, scissors, pocket knives, sharpening oil, on bicycles, ski bindings and edges, etc. It can be used to polish silver and brass and it will even protect wet surfaces. Due to its low electric conductivity Ballistol is ideal for the re-lubrication of moving mechanical parts of typewriters, electronic printers, video cameras, printing calculators, etc. because of its resistance to resinification and its compatibility with plastic components When using Ballistol in electronic equipment do not spray! Apply with a brush or pipette.


1.5 oz aerosol $2.75
11 oz aerosol $6.50
16.9 oz liquid $8.50
1 gal liquid $56.00

*Caution: It is sometimes uncertain which type of paint, lacquer or varnish was used on antique guns. Test Ballistol on a small spot first. Use the same caution with plastic parts. Do not use Ballistol on suede.

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